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This is Foo-Chan, the Japanese equivalent of Grumpy Cat. But instead of being grumpy, he just looks like he’s disappointed all of the time. 


"I’m not grumpy, I’m just disappointed."

"I had fun once,

It wasn’t as good as I expected…”

"These pets and scritchies are…adequate, I guess…"

Hospital story



Norfolk, Virginia, USA

(At the age of 19, after 6 months of being almost bedridden from being sick, I was diagnosed with Tachycardia. It was so severe they gave me two options, expensive pills for life, or surgery. I opted for surgery, and they had me come in, do tests, and sit through a walk through of the procedure and what to do before hand. The nurse, however, forgot to give me, or mention I would need to pee in a cup before the surgery to check for pregnancy just before hand. With 12 hours of no food or drink before hand I am all ready for my procedure.)

Nurse: *looking over my chart* Ok [Name], everything checks out, I just need your urine sample and you’ll be all set! *she looks at me expectantly*

Me: *tired from 72 hours of no sleep* Urine sample? … I am not allowed to drink anything and I got nothing left in me cause you said I couldn’t drink 12 hours before the procedure.

Nurse: *looking at me as if I am retarded* That is why you should have peed in the cup that was provided for you when you went over the procedure 2 days ago.

Me: *staring at her blankly* I wasn’t given a cup…

Nurse: *frowning at me* Well you should have been given one. You shouldn’t have lost it. You’ll have to give me a sample now. *she holds a cup out to me expectantly*

Me: *still staring at her* Why do you need the sample? I’m telling you I have nothing left… If I could sip some water maybe I could-

Nurse: Absolutely NOT! You need to go in that bathroom and give me a sample. Now! *shoving the cup into my hands and pointing at the bathroom like someone commanding a dog.*

Mother: *finally butting in* Excuse me, she said they didn’t give her one and there is no need to talk to her that way. Why do you need this sample?

Nurse: *giving my mother a withering look* We need to do a pregnancy test before we can proceed. *turning back to me* Now, go pee in the cup!

Me: *getting more annoyed by the moment* Well it would be pretty hard for me to be pregnant, since I’ve never had sex.

(The Nurse stared at me, before picking up my charts again and looking them over. By now other patients waiting for procedures of their own are looking uncomfortable around the room, some of them children. The Nurse then scoffs as she puts the files back down.)

Nurse: *condescending* You’re 19 and claiming you’re a virgin? *she snorted* If I had a dollar for every time a girl came in saying “Oh I’m a virgin!” and then finding out they are pregnant?… No, go pee in the cup. And please do not try and lie about being a virgin anymore.

Me: *snatches the cup, fuming and shuffling to the bathroom* I am a virgin, and I don’t like your tone or accusations. *shutting the door behind me*

(I try, but fail to be able to pee in the cup, not enough fluids in me in my dehydrated state to get so much as a drop out after 5 minutes of trying. I can hear my mother in the other room chewing out the Nurse for her behavior regarding my virginity. I shuffle back out and glare at her.)

Me: I couldn’t pee, like I said, nothing left in me.

Nurse: *scowling* You’re not trying hard enough!… Ugh… Fine you can have a few sips of water.

(After drinking a little water I try again and manage to squeeze out just enough for a test. I put the sample directly into her hand, being sure to avoid touching it as there are a few drops on the outside.)

Me: *Forcing a fake smile and a sugary voice as I put the cup in her hand seeing with satisfaction that my pee is on her hand* Here you are!

Nurse: *completely disgusted* Please wait while we do the test.

(I watched her storm off and after giving us the result of Not Pregnant I was finally able to have my procedure and hour later than scheduled. I have been happy and relatively healthy since!)

In case anyone is having a bad night:



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You’ll be okay, friend <3

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