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Fake it till you make it




If u think ur lame u probably are

people with low self esteem probably deserve it. :)

nah that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying you gotta fake confidence because if you’re insecure that’s how people treat you. If you act like you’re the shit that’s how peeps treat you Fake it til you make it

tru but that doesn stop how you think. I can swagger down the street and still feel like a weirdo when alone. Indeed I expect to be treated like the shit but even the mighty Zerkil gets doubts

Don’t we all. I have this Little Miss Sunshine guise at work. All smiles (despite wanna take a swing at creeps), all cracking jokes (same one over and over), makeup, contacts, the whole works. I have upbeat songs that border on cocky, because that’s how I portray myself, the ice queen, someone’s that just slightly out of your reach.

Because that’s how I protect myself. Distance. Cold. Unattainable. Fake it till you make it, I hear ya.

Of course, inside, I’m nowhere near the hotshot I portrayed. But only a selected few know I struggle with self-esteem issues, insecurities.

You can never tell if you don’t know me well. And that’s exactly the goal. If you don’t know my vulnerabilities, you can’t hurt me.

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