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Show your support for Loki with this exclusive t-shirt
ALL profits will go to UNICEF UK.  We hope to sell 500 shirts, generating approximately $10 profit per shirt.  500 x $10 = $5,000! 

The plan is to then donate that money to UNICEF UK’s Syria fund via Hiddlestoners Have Heart before the end of January. The British government is matching these donations pound for pound, so our $5,000 donation would then turn into $10,000!!!  

This is a LIMITED RUN of only 500 shirts, so don’t delay in ordering.  Worldwide shipping is available, credit cards and PayPal accepted.

This fan fundraiser has been endorsed by UNICEF UK. And yes, we will be sending a Loki Lives shirt to Tom.


Please reblog to help spread the word! 

Jan 5 update: 210 sold so far. We are over 40% of the way our goal of 500!  And once we hit 500, the sales can be cut off at any time.  Don’t miss out on a chance to get yours! 

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